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    Get married at Donna Lavinia

At the center of wonders of art, history, beauty

Trani, the city where rises Tenuta Donna Lavinia, has been considerated for centuries one “Pearl” of the Adriatic sea. Its natural port seems firm at last two centuries ago, hemmed by churches, noble buildings, great barges of fishermen and that two ancient forts that protect it , today like in the glorious past, when Trani was commercial and cultural “bridge” between east and west and a heavy chain allowed the accessof it to the ships coming frome the whole Mediterraneo’s sea.

In the past, beauty was the flag of the economic and commercial power and our Cathedral, that seems like an ancient galleon with white sails, ready to cast out into the deep, our castle from Federico II of Svevia built on the sea more than on the dry land, our historic centre, a jewel of urbanistic architecture, in which so many cults and cultures built their temples, are in this time still the testimoniance of it.

To get married in Tenuta Donna Lavinia means revisiting the past of the beauty as soul’s place that conduct to live in precious way the important moments of own life : the marriages, the births, all the special recurrences.

But also to enjoy some possibility of a religious celebration in one of the wonderful churches of historical centre, from the cathedral , full of purity, light and blue sky, to all the other, expecially in pure romanic style. Trani is a wonderland place, and a strategic location to visit other amazing sites
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Not far from Trani, only one hour by car, crossing the Murgia’s Park, where is possible to enjoy of an unique landscape for charm and coloursin the changing of seasons, Matera rises, the city of the houses called “Stones”, Patrimony UNESCO of the Umanity and European Capital of the Culture for 2019.

After wedding Party in Donna Lavinia, to visit Matera is an extraordinary opportunity: Matera is charming experience, not simply a touristic place to visit. Matera is one of the oldest human settlements of the world continuosly inhabitedfrom over ten thousand years ago up to the present day. Houses in the rocks are known as “Sassi” and there you can visit or have ospitality in this timeless place. Our staff organize the transfer in Matera and our guests can choose from a selection of some of the best hotels, residences and bed & breakfast, in the centre of Sassi’s place or where is possible to enjoy the enchanting panorama.

The Matera’ Stones are perpetually a timeless book of history, lost in the mists of the time, created by demands of life aln job, an extraordinary example of “Resilience”, crossed by mysticism and arts ; sudden it also surprises in places where the sacred iconography precedes of centuries also the art of innovating Giotto . Matera’s bowel still has so much to tell- from Magna Grecia ruins and disclosed find and numerous, preserved in the Museum entitled to Domenico Ridola, who discovered them in last century, to the unusual artefacts and tools and utensils of ancient life and agricultural and country civilization.
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Castel del Monte and other Federico II’s Castles

Stupor Mundi is an appellative with no equal in the history of the umanity to define the figure of an emperor: but only could admire his Castles between Puglia e Lucania, means to recognise an illuminated man who eight centuries ago had views of modernity, of authentic interculturality, in this time so hard to achieve in the conception of people. Federico II adopted an innovatory approach for his government: the culture, the knowledge, the school, the art. And signe and evidences of this enlightened government are visible in the whole south of Italy but particulary in the orbit around Castel del Monte, emblem< of magic and mistery . Castel del monte is far from Donna lavinia only twenty minutes; but in a organizated tour is possible to visit Castels in Trani, Barletta, Gioia del Colle, Bari but also in Melfi e Castel Lagopesole; in Altamura (45 minutes) rises the only cathedral built by Federico : another jewel of romanic architecture.
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The sea , one of the most amazing in the world : Gargano and Salento

To come to get marriage in Tenuta Donna Lavinia could means to remain in Puglia to spend Honey Moon in one of the selected locations of these wonderful places. Gargano and Salento are recognised by European Union “Blue Flag”, the prize for excellence in quality and purity of the sea and in the services . And international magazines recognised these places wonderful as tropical beaches and charming marine landscapes with splendid reefs and fish and variety of vegetation also in shallow waters. Our staff will support you with all informations for hotels, tours, transfert.

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